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As a freelance contract shooter for the above companies, I've produced hundreds of projects for businesses such as Restaurants, Attorneys, Dentists, Chiropractors, Insurance Sales, Gyms, Business Coaches, Contractors, etc.  I also deal directly with local businesses to produce promotional material such as website promos or kickstarter videos.


"Jeff Grinta was super helpful and made me feel at ease with the filming process. His question and answer process was great and he was able to help me promote my business." - Karen B.


​“"Awesome...we love it! Jeff was amazing, too. Very easy going and insightful. I had a general idea of what I wanted and, along with his input and direction, I got the best commercial just as I hoped. Great job, team!"  - Guillermo D.


"Jeff Grinta (Strawbelly Jerry Films LLC)was the artist behind this successful video. Without him, this would not have been the quality that it is!" - Dave F.


​"All I can say is WOW, we're speechless!! Our videographer Jeff was so experienced and professional in every aspect of the shoot. We just paid another company $6,000 for the same thing and Jeff did a WAY better job! Yelp, don't lose this guy! " - Kim S.



"I love love love it! Jeff was wonderful to work with. Very patient and knew exactly what I wanted!" - Melissa R.


​"WOW- GREAT JOB!!!!! I can't believe you created this out of what you had to work with. Thank you JEFF!!!" - Renee Z.


""Jeff was great. He made everything easy for us, had good ideas and edited a fantastic video ahead of schedule. What more could we ask?" - John H.


"Great process, great guy to work with! I had zero focus that day as I was dealing with other issues and unprepared. He took charge, offered great ideas and it went smoothly. " - Daniel C.


"Very happy with my video. Jeff, our filmmaker did a wonderful job and went above and beyond in making adjustments to make the final product to my liking." - Kay P.

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